Due (TA01 - TA03 review): Monday, October 5
Due (TA04 - TA05 review):
Due (TA06 - TA09 review):
Points: 45 points (15 per review), about 5% of your overall grade

Because team work is so essential to this class, it's important that we track certain metrics of contribution and performance. Part of this comes from you assessing yourself and part of this comes from your team members assessing you. Thoughtfully consider your contribution and that of each member of your team.

We will not share these grades or comments with your teammates. However, we may intervene if we observe particular poor team dynamics or participation. For the most part, we would like you to try and deal with team conflicts yourselves--in a responsible, mature, and polite manner (you are, of course, welcome to keep us informed of such things via these surveys or email). You can also email us if you want advice or help dealing with an issue. I welcome team sit downs in my office, and it's important that these meetings happen before the final deadline if there is an unresolvable problem. Every team has some issues but typically the value of working together far outweighs the cost!

If you ever want to discuss your team dynamic with me (either as individuals or together as a team), please email me or Pallabi to setup an appointment. I will make this a priority.

Team review form for TA01 - TA03 (Project Proposal)
Team review form for TA04 - TA05 (Paper Prototype)
Team review form for TA06 - TA09 (Final Product)