Posted: Sunday, October 25
Due: Thursday, November 12
Points: 25 points (2.5% of your overall grade)

Note that you must be in class on November 10 to complete this assignment. If you have a legitimate reason for missing that class, you must inform me ahead of time so we can make alternative arrangements.

Assignment Overview

On November 10, we will use the class period to do critiques of each other's mid-fidelity prototypes. For this assignment, you will write up your notes from the critique and submit them for an individual grade.

What To Do

When you are critiquing with your team, make sure you keep personal notes of your impressions and ideas.
After class, turn those notes into a short, written report.
Submit that report for this assignment. Your critique will be available to the team being critiqued to supplement their notes from the session.


You will be doing critiques of two different teams' projects. Upload each one separately to Canvas.