Posted: Sunday, October 25
Due: Sunday, November 1
Points: 40 points (4% of your overall grade)

Assignment Overview

For your team assignment TA06: Mid-fi prototype, your team will pick a mid-fi prototyping tool. In order to help make that decision, each team member will evaluate at least one tool. You will report your evaluation for an individual grade.
Although it is fine if one person does all or most of the work of building the team prototype, I want everyone to have at least a little experience using the tools. I am also interested in collecting your reviews for future reference. So this is a win-win-win, where you benefit from the experience, your team benefits in its search for the best tool to use, and I and future classes benefit from your evaluation.
I will assemble the feedback as quickly as I can and post it on the class wiki.

What to Do

  1. Choose a tool, which may be from the list below or from another source. It should be a tool that has good potential, from the marketing information, of being appropriate for your team project. If you are already familiar with a mid-fi prototyping tool that would work, you may evaluate that one or you may pick another one with which you are unfamiliar--but if you choose one that you already know I expect a more in-depth evaluation. You should discuss these choices in your team to that you each evaluate a different tool, giving you more information with which to make your final choice.
  2. Acquire and use the tool (usually you will get a free trial; in some cases the tool is free or there is a free student version). Build a simple prototype that has a start (home) screen and links to at least two other screens. Include at least two UI widgets that you may need (e.g. drop-down lists, tabs, color picker, etc.) in addition to text and other common elements. Keep notes about what you find difficult, how much help is available (use internet searches as well as the tool's help system), and how well the tool works for various purposes.
  3. Write up your review using the report format specified.

Interactive Prototyping Tools

In this TA, you and your team members can choose your own mid-fidelity prototyping tool to complete the assignment. Here's a list to help you get started (if you find another promising prototyping tool, please post to Canvas and share it with others):

Some lists of (other) prototyping tools:

Evaluation Report (40 points)

Top-line report (no more than one page) (15 points)
  • name of your tool
  • link to the website
  • costs
  • system requirements for using the tool
  • target platforms for the prototypes (e.g. web site, iOS, Android)
  • pros - summarize your findings as bullets
  • cons - summarize your findings as bullets
  • rating on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being best and 1 being worst

Experience (15 points)
Use the following four headers to structure your report (you may add more if you have other areas that don't fit these categories). You don't need to answer each question; they are a guide to the sorts of things you should think about to complete that section. This section should be at least one and no more than three pages in length (although you can go over that if you are including pictures to illustrate some of your points).
  • Background
    • Had you used the tool before? If so, describe how long you have been using the tool and what you have done with it.
    • How long did it take to install, and how difficult was that process?
    • How long did you spend using the tool, once it was ready for use? (hours, rounded to the 1/2 hour -- you need to use it for at least one hour)
  • Ease of Use
    • How easy was it to create what you were trying to create?
    • How easy was it to simulate interaction? (e.g. changing screens after clicking a button)
    • How easy was it to find support? (is the help thorough and helpful? is there a community that provides answers, and does it seem to be active? etc.)
    • How easy would it be to share the resulting prototype?
  • Process: Briefly describe what you did, where you ran into problems, etc.
  • Evaluation
    • What is your overall impression of the tool?
    • What would you like to see changed about the tool and why?
    • Are there constraints or limitations that you couldn't find a way around?

Product (10 points)
  • Include screen shots of the pages/screens you created as part of your evaluation (at least three)


Upload your report to Canvas as a PDF by the due date.