Due: Monday, November 30, 11:59PM
Point Total: This assignment is worth 12 points - approximately 1.3% of your overall grade.


Every student must submit at least one "Interaction Design Hall of Fame/Shame (HoF/S)" throughout the semester. A HoF/S submission is a video recording or a set of screen shots of either a user interface design fail or a positive user experience. Whether a Fame or a Shame, your video and/or text should clearly articulate what design principles were used (or for Shames, not used or broken). This can be done via a voice-over or clearly marked captions (or both). Videos should be no longer than one minute.

I may use your submission in my lectures, although whether or not I do will not affect your score. All you have to do to earn the points is follow the instructions by the due date.

Your video should be uploaded to YouTube with a two paragraph explanation that describes the HoF/S and with a link back to this class http://cmsc434-f15-2.wikispaces.com/. You should submit the YouTube link along with a copy/paste of the aforementioned description to the HoF/S assignment page via Canvas. You should also tag your video on YouTube; we have one required tag: CMSC434. Note: you do not have to use your own YouTube account to upload the video, you can make a new, anonymous throw-away account for this--it's up to you.

If you are submitting screen shots, upload one or more images and the aforementioned two paragraph explanation via Canvas.

For video recordings, you can use screen recorder software or any video camera (e.g., your smartphone). A video camera is useful to, for example, record your interactions with ATMs, parking garage ticket machines, etc. For screen recording, I like Apple's built-in Quicktime, which has a nice built-in screen recorder (link). On a PC, I like Camtasia Studio (link).